Accessible Tourism

“Taste of life in every aspect”

Having developed a special understanding and knowledge over the years relating to travellers with disabilities, XT Travel offers a wide range of destinations, activities and easy access travel arrangements.

Our travel arrangements specialize in accessibility, rehabilitation, wellness as well as special arrangements for seniors.

Give us the opportunity to provide you with special recreational travel activities, with specialized staff at accessible destinations like beaches, athletic grounds, cultural tourist attractions, accessible hotel accommodation and transfers, with friends or your family.

Ask one of our travel experts and rest assured that we will make everything possible for you.

We guarantee that your holiday experience will be full of strong emotions and rewarding memories.

If you’re looking for a holiday with a touch of luxury then look no further. We have a range of accessible luxury holidays available just for you including gorgeous accommodation in stunning destinations all over the world. Whether you wish to stay in a boutique hotel, a premium all inclusive resort or go on a five star cruise, we can arrange your luxury holiday for you – with all the accessibility you need. Relax, prepare to be dazzled, and speak to one of our travel experts

For exceptional service, fantastic prices and a holiday which meets all your needs, book with:

EASY ACCESS TRAVEL is dedicated to meeting the special needs of disabled and mature travellers. Our goal is to research our clients’ vacation choices and to provide them with the necessary information to make their trip enjoyable and rewarding. We achieve this by trying to eliminate “surprises” and informing our clients of the situations they may encounter.

EASY ACCESS TRAVEL strives to deliver accurate and honest information by maintaining an excellent relationship with suppliers and colleagues in order to help us plan each person’s trip on an individual basis. We spend a lot of our time doing “hands-on” research: taking cruises, doing new ship inspections, visiting hotels and tourist spots in various cities and countries and gathering information from people we know and trust.

EASY ACCESS TRAVEL prides itself on our ability to ask questions in order to understand the special needs of our clients and then, to listen carefully to their answers. We know that no two people are alike and what works for one may not work for another. In turn, we ask you to provide us with as much information as you think necessary so we can do the best possible job for you!

EASY ACCESS TRAVEL specializes in Cruise Vacations and Packaged Land Tours to accessible destinations. We assist you with all aspects of your trip and our knowledgeable staff can offer many tips and suggestions to insure you a safe and enjoyable journey.